Copyright (C) 2002 by Matt Roper


CVS-Summary is a program that generates an HTML summary of CVS activity, very similar to that provided by the popular ViewCVS script. CVS-Summary differs from ViewCVS in that it dumps the summary information to static HTML files which can be served by non-CGI capable web servers.


Python is required to run CVS-Summary. CVS-Summary has been tested on with Python versions 1.5.2, 2.1.3, and 2.2.1.


CVS-Summary can be downloaded from the SourceForge project page.


Installation of CVS-Summary is simple. Just unpack all the files in the tarball to a convenient location; as long as you keep all the .py files together, it doesn't matter where you put them. There is also a dir.gif file in the tarball that should be copied to a convenient place on your web server (e.g. a central image directory).


CVS-Summary has a couple of parameters that can be tuned by modifying constants at the top of the script. These parameters are described below:
On the index screens, directories are displayed with a little folder icon next to them. The DIRIMG parameter specifies what URL the icon can be found at (e.g. dir.gif is included in the distribution tarball and should be copied to a convenient location.
The umask value is used for calculating what files file permissions will be used on created files and directories. If you don't know what this should be, just leave it at 022). Note that a leading 0 is necessary to specify octal file permissions.
If we made diffs of every single file revision against every other revision, we could eat up *a lot* of disk space on large projects. Setting this limits the number of diffs made per file. By default, only the 10 most recent diffs will be created for each file.


CVS-Summary must be invoked from within your CVS working directory (sandbox). The script currently takes two command line parameters:
-o output_directory (required)
The -o switch specifies where the generated summary files should be placed. If your CVS repository is on the same filesystem used by your web server, this will generally be a subdirectory under your website's document root.
-t title (optional)
The -t switch applies a title to your project. This title appears on some of the index and summary pages.

Example usage

/path/to/cvs-summary -o ~/public_html/project-cvs -t "My Project"



I'd like to thank the following people/groups for directly or indirectly playing a role in the development of CVS-Summary


CVS-Summary is distributed under the GNU General Public License. Click here to see the full text.

A version of Python Lex/Yacc (PLY) which has been backported to Python 1.5 is included with CVS-Summary. PLY is licensed under the LGPL. Click here to see the full text.

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